RIE has since formed Partnerships with numerous food grade refineries in several countries. RIE has also established numerous supply chain contracts with many of the world’s largest wholesalers.
The Ravenswood Group (“TRG”)was formed to provide Management Oversight and Coordination of efforts between its wholly owned subsidiaries and affiliate companies. Its principals have nearly sixty years’ experience creating and managing several business enterprises. Its Advisory Group adds an additional 500 years of business experience. TRG was initially created to provide business development consulting support to its affiliates in Europe. Even though several of those affiliates have been in various business endeavors for many years (some for decades) they still sought our support to modernize their business practices.
Ravenswood Import Export Limited Liability Company (“RIE”) initial business endeavors were related to the purchase and resell of Food Grade Oils - eg Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil (both crude and refined) and especially Sunflower Oil (also both crude and refined versions).
Ravenswood Kreen Holdings (“RKH”), a member of The Ravenswood Group, is dedicated to providing fully integrated advisory services its clients. Our reputation has been built upon representing our clients from initial contact through the closing of a transaction and post transaction integration. From our very beginning, Ravenswood has viewed its role as both an extension to the CEO, to accomplish a specific task and as a client team member, applying strategic or tactical concepts to solve business or organizational issues. Our firm's history is one of lasting alliances with our clients. Our client partnerships are based on value, service, and know-how. We diligently pursue results that allow our clients to out-perform their competitors. Our most important assets are our people and our reputation for results. The only thing more valuable than our reputation, is the reputation of our clients.
Lone Star International, LLC, (“LSI”) formed in 2009 by Brigadier General (Retired) Mark G, Beesley, is a special purpose company, created to take advantage of relations developed by its principals with leaders of several nations throughout the world. In exchange for providing mentoring and consultation on diverse international projects and technologies, LSI has been granted opportunities to provide products and solutions not typically available to other organizations. Mr. Gustin, President of the Ravenswood Companies is also the President of LSI. Dr. Alonso, Chairman of the Ravenswood Companies is the VP of International Business Development for LSI.
OPEXenergy is one of the companies of the DEENMA Group , dedicated to the Opex (Operation and Maintenance) of Industrial Plants. OPEXenergy offers a wide range of services related to power plants: supervision of scheduled stops, energy audits, maintenance of facilities ... A wide range of services designed to respond in different technologies. Mr. Gustin, President of the Ravenswood Companies is also the President of OPEXenergy. Dr. Alonso, Chairman of the Ravenswood Companies is the Chairman of OPEXenergy.
Water Purification Waste to Energy Finalize Acquisition of Food Grade Refinery Development of 2 Million Hectares (Agricultural) Construction of High-End Resort Hotels Oil Recovery and Refining Modernization of Commercial Fishing Industry for Two Countries Acquisition of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant Complete Development of Placer Gold Mine
7950 NW 53rd Street Suite 337 Miami, FL 33166 +1.888.265.6962 +1.866.480.9591 (fax) INFO@TheRavenswoodGroup.com
We have been in the market place long enough that many people pretend to be our Mandate, or Broker, or even worse, to be part of our Company. All contracts must be signed by either or Greg   Gustin or Dr. Alonso . Please also realize that our signatures are often faked or forged. All Contracts or Official Documents must be sent from our Corporate email account (xxx @ Ravenswood xxx . com) If you ever have any concerns about the validity of any documents, please contact us via email at INFO@TheRavenswoodGroup.com.
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Our primary objective is to help our clients develop and maintain a decided competitive advantage. We focus on results over process, and we seek to provide our clients with common-sense advice in a cost-efficient manner. While many firms in today's business world can become lost in the ‘fight’ or in the ‘deal’, Ravenswood provides real-world advice and practical solutions to local, national, international industry and government leaders. Ravenswood believes in maintaining the confidentiality of client's identities and the exact nature of the work undertaken.
Recent projects have required financial support. Therefore, Ravenswood Capital Services (“RCS”) and many of its affiliates and partners have formed close alliances with several of the world's top financial institutions as a means to deploy funding as needed. To further support its capability, RCS acquired controlling interests in Pacific Liberty (Hong Kong) Ltd. (“PLHK”). RCS is currently forming an alliance with Pacific Liberty Singapore and is also initiating paperwork to form a Managed Private Equity Firm under the guidance and control of the Singapore government. Ravenswood Capital Services provides, one stop, turnkey solutions for our client’s corporate development requirements including Investment Banking, Systems Architecture and Project Management. In order to accomplish these objectives, we have chosen to remain a small firm, of substantial scope and depth, dependent upon fewer clients who require a consistent level of high quality results. To meet these criteria, we, employ only senior level professionals to personally design/deliver our services. Our teams are comprised of seasoned professionals from a variety of disciplines who are equipped to identify the corporate development needs of the client and develop superior service strategies that provide unmatched support. From the boardroom to the courtroom and from Main Street to Wall Street, Ravenswood combines the talent and expertise of our Bankers, Lawyers, CPA’s, and System Engineers and Seasoned Managers into multi-disciplinary Client Teams and Industry Teams. We have a particular dedication to working closely with middle market companies and emerging nations - ensuring that they have the resources they need to grow into leaders in the region. We understand that our client's goals are paramount. When our clients are faced with challenges, we assist them in identifying and pursuing the fastest and most effective solutions.
Pacific Liberty is a private wealth management group. Focusing on providing high-end services and in-depth advice to private clients around the world, their relationships are built on partnership, continuity and mutual trust. They actively embrace change to remain at the leading edge of a genuine growth industry – as they have done since 2013. Pacific Liberty stays firmly on the “ safe side ” in all their activities. They guarantee all services are legally compliant, using trusted partners for all its end to end services: ARIA Funds Services for Fund Administration Conduit Group, Licensed Securities and Fund Managers, Pilgrim Partners Asia & First Degree Asset Management, Licensed Fund Managers DBS, OCBC, CIMB, HSBC, Wells Fargo, SEI, BNY Mellon, Northern Trust for Custody & Banking Services
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